As for any company or business their is a bylaw for Libraries in Cape Town. The Bylaw is displayed in Libraries and will be available on request.






16. No person shall -

1) Conduct or participate in a disturbing conversation, read aloud, sing or whistle in the library building in a manner which is disturbing to other persons present in the library building;

2) Impede, obstruct, disturb or in any other way annoy any other person in the legitimate use of the library;

3) Refuse to deliver any library material or equipment to any other person within a reasonable time of being requested to do so by the librarian;

4) While using the library, refuse to comply with any lawful request of the librarian;

5) Allow any child under his supervision to create a disturbance in the library;

6) (a) act in an uncouth or a disorderly fashion;
....(b) use unseemly, abusive or blasphemous language, or
....(c) lay bets or gamble in any part of the library;

7) Recline, sleep or partake of refreshments in the library;

8) Cause or permit any animal under his supervision to enter or remain in the library building;

9) Bring any vehicle, carrier or container into the library building without the permission of the librarian;

10) Distribute, or deposit in the library for distribution, material for advertisement, publicity or any other purpose without the permission of the librarian;

11) Damage or deface any part of the library building, or any fitting, furniture, equipment or contents thereof;

12) Supply a false name or address for the purpose of entering any part of the library or to benefit from any service rendered by the library;

13) Enter or remain in any part of the library if he is –
.......a) Unclean in body or dress;
.......b) Suffering from a contagious disease notifiable in terms of any law, or
.......c) Under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs;

14) Enter or remain in any part of the library during the hours that such library or part thereof is not officially open for service to the public;

15) Enter or leave the library building by any entrance or exit not officially provided for use of the public;

16) Enter or remain in any part of the library building which is reserved for the use of the library staff;

17) Obstruct or block any entrance to or exit from the library building;

18) Remove from the library or be in the possession of library material the loan whereof has not been registered by the librarian in terms of this by-law, or

19) Retain in his possession any library material for more than 24 hours after the delivery to his registered address of a written demand from the librarian for the return of such material.