Old age homes

Some libraries in the City of Cape Town have an outreach programme to go to old age homes. This ensures that the library reach the people who cannot come to the library but love to read. This outreach programme was started by the libraries and is not in the general "job description" of libraries, but it is done because the people there deserve the same rights as anyone of the rest of the public. The frequency and details of how each library handles these programmes are different from the next library. For example, and to explain how the outreach programmes work, we will be looking closely at Goodwood Library and their outreach to Protea Old Age Home in Goodwood.

Goodwood Library's outreach to Protea Old Age Home

Two people are responsible to take books to Protea Old Age Home once every month. At Goodwood Library the individuals responsible are Petro Theunissen and Conette Koorts. They get together nice reads, mostly and preferably large print (and not too many of the soppy love stories and hot reads), and then they take it to the old age home: to those who cannot come to the library on their own. A card is made out to the old age home and is set to a special ID that can take several more books than the normal library users can. The books are loaded on that card and then when the people take the books the information of each book that they take is written on their own paper of lending, which is the same as a library card. When they return the books that they took, the books are ticked off and taken off the card for the old age home.
Copy of IMG_2934.jpg
Conette Koorts take in some of the books that Mrs. Burn had for the past month.

Copy of IMG_2939.jpg
Petro Theunissen helping Mrs. Gold decide on wheather sh should take that book or not.

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Some of the old ladies that make use of the outreach programme at Protea old age home.

Hospital visits

Some libraries in the City of Cape Town have an outreach programme that goes to hospitals like the Red Cross Children's hospital. People, especially children, love attention when they are hurting. It makes them feel important if someone like a librarian comes to visit them to read and tell stories.

Central Library's outreach the Red Cross Children's Hospital

In 2012 Central Library started an outreach programme where they go to the Red Cross Children's Hospital. Several of the staff of Central library including Sisanda Mtyi, Tracy ..., Natalie Thando and Louise ... took part in this outreach day. This pilot project would indicate if the need is there for the library to visit children in hospital and introduce them to books. On their visit Xhosa, English and Afrikaans stories were told and read to the children who really enjoyed every moment. Goodie bags that included bookmarks, some sweets, pencils and some other nice goodies, were also given to the children. The library will try to repeat this one hour outing once a year and if it is successful they will try to make it more regularly.
Central Library staff with the goodie bags that they took with them to the Red Cross Children's Hospital.

One of the staff members reading a story to one of the young patients in the hospital.