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To fulfill its vision of Cape Town as a Smart City, the City of Cape Town provides limited access to Internet resources to its citizens. As such Smart Cape Access Point computers are electronic communications devices. The Internet offers access to many valuable local, national and international sources of information. However, some information found on the Internet may be inaccurate, incomplete, dated, or offensive to some individuals. A good information consumer must evaluate the validity and appropriateness of information found. Smart Cape is a free internet facility that is provided at all libraries around the City of Cape Town. Registered members of the library are allowed a 45 minute session once a day. A members library card must be used to register for this service. A step-by-step registration process is shown on the screen. A printing facility is available at a cost of 60 cents per page.
Access by MinorsParents or legal guardians must assume responsibility for deciding which Internet resources are appropriate for their own children. Parents or legal guardians should guide their children in use of the Internet and inform them about materials they should not use. While the City of Cape Town affirms and acknowledges the rights and responsibilities of parents and guardians to monitor and determine their children's access to materials and reso urces available through the Internet, the Library has taken certain measures designed to assist in the safe and effective use of these resources by all minors
Below are the rules applicable to the Smart Cape Facility:
Smart Cape- Conditions of Use/Conduct
No person shall:
  1. Behave in such a way that may be disruptive or offensive to other Library users or Libraries Code of Behaviour.
  2. Leave young children unattended or allow children under their supervision to create a disturbance in the library. (Refer to rule No.1)
  3. Engage in activities that are unlawful, harassing or defamatory.
  4. Use the internet for viewing or downloading information etc. that may beoffensive and or unlawful eg. Pornography.
  5. Users are to use their own library cards on registration or when logging in.
  6. Do not leave your sessions unattended or for others to complete.
  7. There is to be no more than two persons per computer. (Refer to rule No.1)
  8. Users are allowed one 45 minute session per day- 2nd sessions are at the discretion of library staff.

Violations of these conditions may result in the termination of your session or user registration accounts removed without prior notice.